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36 Downtown

Fresh Brewed Beer

 Our state-of-the-art brewery has world class brew equipment that can create the same great magic every single time.

36 Downtown

Brew Master

 Our brewmaster with global exposure combines his magic with our  unparalleled  equipment to craft the magical potions.

36 Downtown

 Our menu is gastronomers delight and our chefs are food aficionados icons. Epicurean perfection is our kitchen's motto. 

36 Downtown

Musical Spotlight

 Great food and great beers become more magical with great music. Our lineup of DJ's and bands is amazing. We have different music styles on different floors so that you can choose to your liking.

Brewed Fresh Only at

36 Downtown

Intoxicating Music

We love to support talent from across the country, and our stage is abuzz with spirited performances most evenings! From live bands to solo performers to amazing DJs, when it comes to talent, we love 'em all.

Whether you love progressive rock, or fusion music, regional numbers or EDM, 36 Downtown is down to making you groove!


“36 Downtown is the numero uno of breweries in the city. It has incomparable beers that even the most critical connoisseur would appreciate.”